Developing Yourself as a Leader (Second Edition)

You have transitioned from an individual contributor to a manager, or as an individual contributor, you've acquired practical skills to enhance your leadership abilities. When you want to take your leadership skills to the next level, you assess your leadership traits, develop your communication skills, and build your reputation. These strategies can increase your ability to effectively influence others and get results.

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Learning Objectives

In this course, you will acquire strategies to develop your leadership skills.

  • You will:
  • Define leadership.
  • Assess your own leadership traits.
  • Establish your leadership development plan.
  • Develop your communication skills.
  • Build your reputation.


    Course Details

    Course Outline

    1 - Defining Leadership
  • Topic A: Identify Leadership Attributes
  • Topic B: Identify Leadership Responsibilities
  • 2 - Assessing Your Leadership Traits
  • Topic A: Assess Your Leadership Characteristics
  • Topic B: Determine How Colleagues View Your Leadership
  • Topic C: Evaluate Factors that Affect Your Leadership
  • 3 - Establishing Your Leadership Development Plan
  • Topic A: Identify Your Destination
  • Topic B: Establish Your Map
  • Topic C: Build a Leadership Development Plan
  • 4 - Developing Your Communication Skills
  • Topic A: Upgrade Your Listening Skills
  • Topic B: Improve Your Communication Effectiveness
  • 5 - Building Your Reputation
  • Topic A: Establish Your Credibility
  • Topic B: Use Influence to Get Results
  • Actual course outline may vary depending on offering center. Contact your sales representative for more information.

    Who is it For?

    Target Audience

    This course is intended for managers, team leads, and individual contributors on techniques and best practices for continual improvement of themselves as leaders.

    Developing Yourself as a Leader (Second Edition)

    Course Length : 1 Day

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