Office Productivity Crash Course Series

The Office Productivity Crash Course series from New Horizons is designed to get students up to speed on a particular topic in a short timeframe. Each 1.5-hour course provides an overview of the particular topic in a lecture/demo format, so learners can dive right into what they really need to know for their job.

How does it work? Sessions are delivered virtually through Zoom and meant to be “rapid-fire” (meaning class instruction begins right away, without introductions and setup) – giving students the information they need right away and maximizing instruction time. Students can follow along with the instructor on their own PC during the session, but unlike our traditional one-day classes, time isn’t reserved within the course for hands-on activities

Become an Excel Crash Course Program Member

Easy to purchase – one PO/signed quote or credit card purchase of $5,000 provides your group with unlimited enrollments in all the Excel Crash Couse classes. Limit of 50 named employees over a six-month period.
Pass a coupon code to employees for self-registration on the website (or manage enrollments with our Operations team).
Unlimited skills training for your 50 named employees for six months.

  • Plenty of time to interact with our trainers
  • Learn concepts, apply them on the job, then re-take each session for further reinforcement


Program Members pay $5,000 for unlimited course enrollments (Over six months for 50 named employees).

Getting Started with Excel 1.5 hours Virtual
Performing Calculations 1.5 hours Virtual
Formatting a Worksheet 1.5 hours Virtual
Working with Functions 1.5 hours Virtual
Working with Lists 1.5 hours Virtual
Analyzing Data 1.5 hours Virtual
Visualizing Data with Charts 1.5 hours Virtual
Using PivotTables and PivotCharts 1.5 hours Virtual
Automating Workbook Functionality 1.5 hours Virtual
Using Lookup Functions and Formula Auditing 1.5 hours Virtual


All of the topics covered in the Crash Course series are reviewed in full detail, in traditional lecture/demo/hands-on activity format, in our traditional 1-day Microsoft Excel for Office 365 classes. In general, we recommend students complete their learning experience and review of their specific topic within each Crash Course session by registering for the applicable full-day class after taking the Crash Course.

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